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Guest breads

As well as our Daily Breads, we have daily specials. Follow us on social media, or sign up to our newsletter on the Contact Us page to hear the latest news. Here are some of the breads which we may feature:


A traditional bread from Italy. Hailing from the Puglia region, this bread is enriched with mashed potato, to produce a deliciously light loaf and fantastic crust



A bread from the Provencal region of France, Fougasse is like a French version of focaccia, made with olive oil and herbs. Deliciously moreish, eat it like a flatbread


Panmarino is another Italian bread, made with fresh rosemary and olive oil and finished with salt crystals on the top. The strong scent of rosemary makes it irresistible.



This is a bread from Georgia! It is a flatbread stuffed with cheese, potato and herbs. It is perfect for lunch.


Sunflower Rye

Often a special at the weekends, this is a loaf to try if you would like something different. It's quite a rustic loaf, with a hearty flavour, and it's packed with sunflower seeds.

Try it with smoked salmon and cream cheese, or with butter and jam for breakfast.

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