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Pre-ordering: The Hat Stand Initiative

The Hat Stand.jpg

This idea was inspired by one of our Spanish customers! At their local bakery in Spain, customers pre-order their daily bread by hanging their shopping bags on a handstand peg the day before collection, notifying the baker of their order and it will be ready for them the next day. How simple and lovely is that?

We love the idea of something so traditional and easy! If you would like to pre-order from us, all you need to do is write a list of the items that you would like to collect and attach the list to the bag with a safety pin. Next, come to the bakery, pay for your order in advance and hang the bag on a hook. On your collection day, identifiable by your list pinned to the outside of the bag, your bread will be ready and waiting for you on the hat stand!

A few points:

  • Join our newsletter on the Contact Us page: that way, you will know which specials are on which days

  • Please include a telephone number, your name, and collection day on your order

  • Pre-orders are unavailable on a Wednesday

  • Please bring a bag which is large enough for your order. If that means bringing two bags, that's absolutely fine! Please just make it obvious to us that they both belong to you (label the other bag, or attach them all together)

  • Once we have reached capacity on the hat stand, it will be taken away. We're sorry if you miss out on a pre-order, but we cannot scale for more orders than that at present

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